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Success Begins with a Single Choice

Sometimes we all are looking for a change.

A real change that will last forever.

A life improvement change.

My name is Afrah Al Bayaty and I'm working with the Neuro Change Method.

I have long experience in manifesting my goals true and making big changes in improving my life.

Let's start your life improvement journey together.

Your Success Companion! 

About our Practitioner:

Afrah is a superwoman, a professional with impressive experience in helping and transforming lives.

Whether it's been trough career coaching, family coaching, relationship and marriage coaching, family reunion or personal and professional growth and success, the results are always a success!

"I got my dream career with Afrah's help and now I am able to live the life I so long wanted" -Li

"With Afrah's aid I got a deep understanding of my subconcious negative beliefs which were preventing me from believing in my capacity and making me unhappy and unsuccessful in my relationship and professional undertakings. Once I got to solve them and turn them around, I finally found the love I was looking for and was able to be the lover and be beloved and also got the dream job I wanted!" - Sasa

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"I was a burned out entrepreneur in a dead end and didn't know what to do. Then I came across Afrah's practice and with her warm help I got my power back, found again my inner spirit and the enthusiast entrepreneur in me and was able to steer myself back on track! Thank you Afrah and Powerful Transformational Program! I highly recommend it for anyone looking to grow and succeed in they journey!"


Afrah Al- Bayaty

Since a very young age I remember myself helping others. Helping others with daily life challenges, helping others with mental support, helping others with their life goals and helping others to dream, see and achieve bright future - To believe in themselves. 

I am a Neuro Change Practitioner, i.e. a mental Practitioner for desired changes in life. I help bring about a change of mind to achieve the desired result. I work with especially entrepreneurs who want to improve their situation, supervisors and managers who want to invest in and keep their staff to ensure sustainable success of their company and busy mothers who are living the most exhausting period of their lives and they need clarity and tools to be present for their loved ones and orientation for what they want to do. I myself have a background as a career coach for international people and I am a management professional and a mother of multiple children. I have experienced huge personal transformation myself and therefore I have the right tools to make it for anyone wanting it.  I improve the situation of the people and together we achieve sustainable and cost-saving results. My experience and background with the aforementioned has played an excellent basis for coaching. ​ Training the mind and bringing about internal change will prevent bigger problems and help bring about the desired lasting changes. Savings for the individual, savings for society.

Now I want to help you by using my long coaching experience.

I believe in you and I believe that anyone is able to make different changes in life. 

I have have my academic  level training in appreciated Australian institute Life in Balance Careers under professors from Harvard Medical School and Queensland University. Quality is what your deserve.

So are you ready to start your life changing journey?

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The Neuro Change Method™ takes us deep into research-based tools from most of the mind sciences including neuroscience, social psychology and philosophy. It provides an understanding of the conscious mind's ability to influence the mechanisms of the subconscious mind to go to work for us in everyday life.


The success of your different coaching sessions is bringing you real life changes &  Real life improving results. We go together trough YOUR goals and how to get there.


Customer feedback is the backbone of our work and I require no less than 99% positive feedback from my own work.


In this program we go first finding your Purpose and Flow and reaching the effortless Flow state.

Then we dive into different modules based on researched neurosciences in personal change. 




-Emotional Intelligence

-Subconscious Mind



In this program you get to discover your unconscious beliefs. the root behind them and how to change them into new, positive ones, ones that serve you best.

Then we discover your mindset and ways to make it work for Your best.

We discover how Emotional Intelligence serves you with your purpose and how to use it in your professional or private life.

We dive in to the world of our subconscious mind and discover it's automatic programming and how to rewire it to work for us even when we sleep and in harmony together with our conscious mind to reach all our desires in life.

We learn the science of neuroplasticity and how our brain keep changing and growing troughout our lifetime and how to take advantage of it.


This program can be done in small groups or individually.


We use all the science proven research behind these mind changing modules of Neuro Change Method.

Program has been researched and created by PhD level professors from Harvard, Bond, Queensland and Yale Universities. 




The Neuro Change Method™ takes us deep into research-based tools from most of the mind sciences including neuroscience, social psychology and philosophy. It provides an understanding of the conscious mind's ability to influence the mechanisms of the subconscious mind to go to work for us in everyday life.

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The Neuro Change Method assembled some of the world's experts in Neuroscience, Social Psychology, and Philosophy to bring Neuroscience out of the labs and into mainstream personal development training.
So the success of your different coaching sessions is bringing you real life changes &  Real life improving results.

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Over the past year, we've been working with a team of academics from Harvard Medical, Queensland and Texas University, to create an exciting, evidenced based NEW METHOD for personal development, high-level performance, and life change.
The Neuro Change Method™ takes us deep into the Neuroscience of Change. It provides an understanding of the conscious mind's power to influence the subconscious mind's mechanisms to go to work for us in everyday life.


“I discovered Afrah at a point in my life where I was very confused, Lost I suppose you would really call it.
Lost and unclear about what steps to take next in life. I felt I had no real control over my life and was drowned out by the inability to take any steps towards any path.

Afrah realized the main problem and gave me the confidence to take different actions that immediately affected my life in a very positive way. 

Jessica Björkblom , 20.08.2021

I was stuck in a rut when I contacted Afrah, fed up with the same cycle of stress and no life balance. I wasn’t exactly sure what I needed but knew I needed help to find a way forward. I was a bit nervous at first and wasn’t sure what to expect but as soon as we met I was put at ease by Afrah's kind, calm, down to earth nature.
Afrah gave honest advice and appraisals providing me with an insight into my logic that when recognised helped me understand the way I think a lot more. 
I highly recommend her & the unique method she is using - It's a really life changing opportunity.

Avi Bloom, 16.10.2021

I had reached a point in my life where I felt like I was drifting and needed some guidance. Having never seen a life coach before, I was apprehensive about my first meeting with Afrah. However, her friendly, professional manner put me at ease straight away.
She worked with me to identify what I want to change in my life, offering support and guidance that I have found to be incredibly helpful me focus on what I need to do, boosting my confidence . I would have no hesitation recommending Afrah.

Skyler Adelson, 02.11.2020

I have found in Afrah a personal coach who has guided me through some difficult times, with compassion, empathy and understanding. She has the ability to build confidence where needed, to reaffirm my beliefs and values, whilst challenging any negative thoughts and behaviour with gentle kindness. I value her experience and knowledge, and trust her as a skilled professional in being part of my journey of a personal development.

Ahmed Zaatar, 09.03.2021.