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Aging set point


I wanted to create this blog, because I am excited to have found scientific reasearch for my own views!

As I have states before: I do not believe in age such as it is typically defined and letting those man made numbers define us.

Time and age is just man made method of measuring events and space between them.

After all, the world has many calendars and according to them we have different age by each.

Numbers do not tell how we are, how we look or what we can do in each state of our lives.

We are free to choose that at any time.

We set our mind to what we are. It is a feeling and a state of mind.

As we determine ourselves to be that is how our subconscious mind transfers the being to our physichal bodies and that is what we are.

Last night while listening to Louise Hay, she stated this exact thought and belief that I have!

We have potential to live even up to 120 years. We set our aging point accordingly.

I got so excited about it!

She explained that there is even a research about it and that confirmed my belief!

That is wonderful!

So here is what I found about the aging set point:

Here is the clip where Louise Hay talks about the aging set point.

So what do you set your aging set point as? :)

Until next time!

Love ❤️


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