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Hello spring and new services!


What is what we need in this time and age?

Do we need more distractions? More games? More social media? More stuff?

No. Not at all. We don't need any of that. It is the opposite what we need.

With all we have, what we need is to turn inwards and calmness. We need peace of mind, concentration and reminder of the most important in life.

How do we achieve all this in the middle of all the noise around us? In the middle of the endeless tasks that seem to demand our attention and other distractions.

The answer is: through the subconscious mind. And how do we get there and get to program and reprogram it?

For that I am excited to announce that I am starting with a new and extremely powerful tool to install any idea you wish to the subconscious! And that is hypnosis!

I am about to be qualified hypnotherapist and really excited to use that in serving my community!

Hypnotherapy works for topics like for example:




-weight loss


-quitting smoking


-self esteem


-self image

And more and more

Reach our for more! I'm here to help you to transform into your best self and lead a happy successfull life!


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