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Self Definition

I wanted to talk little bit about self definition. The bottom line is that we can choose what we want to be and what we want to do.

When we are kids we don’t question our ability to be what we want to be. We decide what we want to be and do and that’s it. So just when we grow up we get defined by the world around us but we are so distracted by it that we forget about that. And that’s where things go wrong.

After that we have to do all the work to tap again into the same images and self definition. That’s when we do it consciously.

The fact is that there’s nothing outside of you defining what you can not be or do. Just as you knew it as a child. The quantum is wide open and everything there is available . We are all born here with the same availability of self definition that we know when we are kids and the availability is always there.

So come to think of it as a shame to have your outside world define your limits. What kind of under evaluation of oneself! Who’s better than you? Who’s better than me?

So this all comes down to manifestation today. Something we used to know when we were children. Staying connected to the inner self is the key.

Have a beautiful day!


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