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Spring cleaning of the soul!


As we are well into the spring time now and many of us are looking inwards to our soul for the balance and for better well being. And that is the right thing to do-only by clearing and cleansing out what we have within us, do the soul cleansing and healing , so that we can have what we are looking for, in the "without" us.

We may carry out inner fears and programming, that hold us back, or that limit us. And the reason why they're still there, is that rarely they can be worked out alone. Even us, coaches and healers use the help of others to heal ourselves and that is wonderful!

I want to share with you my recent experience with myself healing. I took sessions of Energy Healing in order to get my inner world more in balance by cleaning out my energy centres.

The experience was so profound that I got help for all the matters from the first session!

I still continue it, because of the empowering effect of it, but I am so happy for the process and the availability of these resources and for the help <3

Now you might have some issues, that you just want to overcome, fear, phobia, weight loss, career issue or regarding a special person. Here is my word of encouragement: it can he solved and healed! Absolutely. You can get rid of any life narrowing element or you can reprogram yourself to the future you're just dreaming of. With the right tools and help, it is totally doable!

Therefore I am now offering a combination of hypnotherapy and mental coaching, which together are so powerful tools to affect and reprogram your subconscious to the future that you want!

Book now your free consultation call and discover more! I will be happy to chat with you!


Afrah <3

Inner cleansing of the soul sets you so free and lets you alter your life!

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